Cover Art: Amanda Baker Shakes Her Moneymaker

This is another case when I went the stock photo route (honestly, making my own covers is too much work sometimes). In this book, a young woman improvises a strip tease to make up for forgetting to hire a stripper for her step-brother’s bachelor party. For a story about booty shaking, it’s only natural to have some booty on the cover.

I also really wanted shiny, gold shorty-shorts. For one thing, they’re sexy. For another, the color gold symbolizes expensive. And not always in a tasteful, refined way. Gold is the color of stuff that’s expensive just for the sake of being expensive. Gold is the color of showing off. It’s a “moneymaker” that she’s shaking out there, after all, so it only makes sense that it’s gold plated. I also echoed the shiny, gold fabric behind the title to continue the theme.

Specific requirements like that can be a problem with stock photos, where you typically just have to take what you can get. In this case, however, quite a few people were thinking along the same lines. Shiny, golden butts were quite plentiful. And the quality was right up there, too. There were some very, very fine asses on display.

In fact, I actually stretched this photo to make her about 15% thicker. I wanted more of a “girl next door” look and less of a “freakishly hot ass-model” look. I think it works.



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