Cover Art: Smokey at My Backdoor

This is one of my favorite covers. It’s just so shiny and vibrant! Of course, most of that is due to the stock photo of the semi, which is awesome. Note that the Peterbilt logo here has been replaced with “Peterbabe.”

The title text uses the same chrome effect as the Power Receiver cover. This text has also been stretched, skewed, and embellished with some lightening bolts that I drew myself. The final product is strikingly similar to the poster for a certain Burt Reynolds movie.

The mudflap girl was drawn by me, based on the original mudflap girl with certain key modifications. That profile was then skewed to match perspective and overlayed on the truck photo in Inkscape. Turns out it’s pretty hard to find an actual truck that has a chick with a dick on the grill (unfortunately).

Interestingly, that mudflap girl graphic actually inspired this story. You see, I originally drew her for a different book cover project. That cover didn’t work out, but I thought this well-endowed (x2) lady would be perfect on the cover of a story that featured a truck driver who liked it up the ass. That’s how Smokey at My Backdoor was born!



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