Cover Art: Terminal Case

I originally drew an illustration for this cover myself. It sucked. The drawing wasn’t even up to my own mediocre standards and, unlike a book like Invasion of the Snatch Snatchers, a cartoonish cover illustration did not suit Terminal Case at all.

This story is much more serious than a lot of my other writing. The humor is very dark and cynical and it has some bleak moments. So I dug up a photo of a blond model looking intensely into the camera. She suits the character of Paige very well, I thought. She looks pretty but not gorgeous, intense but not mean, smart but not stuffy. This particular model was also wearing a Native American feathered headdress, which didn’t suit my purposes at all (but beggars can’t be choosers). I’ve faded out huge chunks of the model’s head as a result.



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