Cover Art: The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe III

The original cover for The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe got my book flagged as ADULT on Amazon. You might think I wouldn’t really care — this is an erotic novel after all, adults are the only people who should be reading it — but it actually makes quite a difference. A book flagged ADULT won’t show up in “also bought” recommendations or search results. Even a user who explicitly searches for “lesbian bitch bathrobe” won’t see this book (even though they are clearly interested in somewhat more adulty content). Effectively this book has disappeared.

The reason? Boobs. Lily (the dark haired girl) was showing too much cleavage in the original cover. Of course, in my own opinion this is absurd. How can the human body be offensive? Not to mention the fact that men can go around bare-chested all they want, but women are held to a different standard for no particular reason. But that’s the society our forefathers left us with, so we have to make do.

I’ve appeased Amazon by drawing a bra on Lily. It hides what needs to be hidden apparently, because I’ve been notified that the ADULT flag will be lifted. Maybe now some people (adults, obviously) will find my book and give it a read.





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