Inspiration: Dora’s Box

Today I’m going to unbox the novel Dora’s Box. Spoiler alert! This article will give away some of the plot twists, so you might want to read the book first. Think about it. Now would be a good time.

The seed of Dora’s Box was planted by a strip from the brilliantly perverse web comic Oglaf. In this comic some guy is cursed to be the “best in the world at blowjobs.” He’s apparently a typical homophobic male who never sucked cock before. Now he’s suddenly the “very very beeeessssstttt” at it and is too embarrassed to tell his friends.

The idea of a person being granted sexual prowess that they don’t actually want was intriguing to me. It seemed like a great avenue to explore the importance of keeping an open mind about sexuality. What better way to expand a person’s horizons than to give them the gift of magical sex awesomeness? What they initially see as a curse gradually becomes a great gift.

Then I thought of one of my favorite conventions in erotica: the futanari. Futanari is a Japanese word for hermaphrodite, but it has come to mean a fictional character with overall feminine appearance and masculine sex organs (sometimes with female sex organs as well, sometimes not). There are lots of anime and manga and other erotica about futanari and it’s always pretty hot.

A reluctant futanari seemed like an awesome story idea. A young woman suddenly getting a penis would definitely feel like she had been cursed. It wasn’t hard to imagine ways to change her mind about that, too. She would slowly be introduced into a whole new world of sexuality and as a result become more comfortable and confident in her own skin.

How does she get this dick in the first place? In the comic, the fellatio supremis curse was selected by some creepy spirit. What I wanted, however, was a tragic hero who unknowingly sets in motion the wheels of her own downfall (but not really downfall as much as orgy). Basically I was looking for an irony beat-down, like the horror story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs.

Except instead of wishes coming true in the most awful way imaginable, I wanted wishes coming true in the sexiest way. I considered various wish making mechanisms (like a genie in a bottle or a primate appendage), but finally settled on a box that you whisper wishes into and then they come true. A box like that could be used accidentally. It also answers the question of “Why not just unwish the penis first thing?” by refusing to open for some refactory period after a wish. Even better, the word “box” is slang for vagina.

The wish box also suggested a title. Remember the myth of Pandora’s Box from the ancient Greeks? Talk about unexpected consequences! Pandora just wanted to see what was inside and wound up releasing all evil into the world. Bummer. Of course, I couldn’t name my main character Pandora — that would just be weird — so I shortened it to Dora.

It was shaping up as a real “Watch what you wish for” cautionary tale. I imagined a whole series of poorly worded wishes that would be interpreted in ways very different from what Dora intended. Far from being out to get her, however, the wishes would gradually move her into the arms of her true love — much to her own surprise.

Speaking of love, I originally intended to have Dora end up with a bisexual guy who enjoyed bottoming. As I wrote the early chapters, however, I felt more of a connection between Dora and her roommate Julia and decided to explore that further instead. That can happen in my writing. I start with a rough outline to give some idea where I’m going, but I’m always open to new destinations if I come to a promising fork in the road.*

Check this one out on Amazon Kindle!

*that’s my lesson on writing** for the day

**it’s not a bad lesson on life either


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