Cover Art: The Right Gift at the Wrong Door

The story The Right Gift at the Wrong Door centers around a strap-on given as a Christmas gift (some people really believe it is better to give than to receive). I figured a wrapped gift on the cover would make sense. But I also want to get across that this is a story about sex — wouldn’t want any misunderstandings on that point. It occurred to me that it would be fun if the gift-wrap had a kinky pattern. The sort of thing you might not see the first time you look. Then you look closer and say, “What the fuck?” What a great joke!


So I downloaded a free clipart pic of a festive looking present and started reworking the wrapping paper. Instead of snowflakes and reindeer, I wanted the silhouette of a nude woman with a big cock. My first idea was to do a version of the famous “mudflap girl” but with a dick. That turned out awesome, but didn’t fit on the box very well. Back to the drawing board! (although the hung mudflap girl did end up inspiring a whole other story).


The shape of the box would work better with a standing girl, so I focused on that. I tried a few options before settling on this cute, casual pose. Then I skewed the silhouette to fit the various sides of the box and overlayed it on the picture with 25% transparency on the bright sides and 40% percent transparency on the shadowy sides.

March of the sugar cock fairies

The rest is just Oldchristmas font and holly clipart. Merry Christmas!

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