Cover Art 2: Swapship Troopers

Yep, Swapship Troopers isn’t even released yet and I’ve already redone the book cover! Actually this is something I planned for when I originally designed the cover — I just didn’t plan on doing it so soon. I always expected Amazon would flag this cover for ADULT content someday. After all, it displayed *gasp* the inner curve of a woman’s breasts!

Maybe I was just being unrealistic when I submitted the original cover. Amazon’s content guideline literally defines offensive content as “about what you would expect.” Personally, I would expect a reasonable person to be able to look at a human body and not get offended. Obviously when Amazon says what you would expect, they’re not talking to me.

Nope, no boobs here. Move it along. Nothing to see.

At any rate, when I first made the drawing in inkscape I drew a t-shirt on a separate layer. When I was banned, I just turned that layer on and, viola, new book cover. The shirt is interesting in that it uses an actual swath of grey cotton heather as the pattern. I considered a logo for the shirt — like a Marine eagle-globe-anchor or something — but, lets face it, anything on the front of that shirt is going to be so distorted as to be unrecognizable.

Swapship Troopers is still releasing on January 19 for Amazon Kindle!




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