Inspiration: Swapship Troopers

You probably already guessed that Swapship Troopers was inspired by Starship Troopers. However, despite being pretty consistently in the book-is-better-than-the-movie camp, I actually drew more from the 1997 Paul Verhoeven movie than the 1959 Robert Heinlein novel. Heinlein was a master of science fiction, but his ideology is hard for me to swallow at times. The novel glorifies violence, conformity, militarism, and xenophobia, and that’s just not cool. The film, on the other hand, ridicules all these things. In a way, the movie Starship Troopers is less an adaptation and more of a satire. So I guess that makes my book a parody of a satire of a novel.

You know you’re hot if you dress like a Nazi and still look hot.

Another major thing the movie has is Dizzy Flores (actually, Dizzy is in the novel, too, but she’s a guy — I guess I’m not the first to try gender swapping with this story). Dizzy has had a crush on the main character, Johnny Rico, since high school. She’s the girl the he is Meant To Be With but he isn’t because his head is to too far up Denise Richards’ shapely ass. Dizzy gets herself transferred to Johnny’s platoon to be near him. Eventually Rico notices she’s a babe and they become In Love.

In one particular scene, Johnny’s platoon throw themselves a party to celebrate winning a battle. Michael Ironside rolls out the beer and busts open a crate of musical instruments. The whole platoon proceeds to get down. Johnny, in particular, proceeds to get down on Dizzy.

That got me to thinking, doesn’t that seem a little unfair? I mean, if my buddy Johnny is back in his tent banging some auburn-haired beauty I might feel like I got the shit end of that deal no matter how cold the beer is. If Michael Ironside really wanted to give his soldiers the best, he would bring enough pussy for the whole class.

How could they do that, though? They can’t go around raping and pillaging the natives, because the natives are Giant Fucking Bugs. Maybe the infantry could set up their platoons to strategically have 1/2 women and 1/2 men. That would work, but it seems like a lot of equality and inclusiveness for an authoritarian government.

But what about gender swapping? Now that could be a story, I thought to myself. We’re already talking about space ships, aliens, and a futuristic fascist distopia. A mysterious wonder drug to turn men into women would fit right into that setting. Half the soldiers would become women and nobody has to sleep alone.

That creates all kinds of possibilities! What would happen if one of the men happened to turn into an incredible babe? What if one of the men enjoyed being a women? What if two soldiers developed feelings for each other?

Find out at! Available in Kindle and paperback. Released for download on January 19th!


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