Publicity Image: Dora’s Makeover (final)

I’ve finally finished the drawing for my Dora’s Box publicity image. Now I can plaster this all over and (hopefully) interest a couple people in reading the book.

It turned out in my initial draft I had the wrong leg in front. No wonder the anatomy wasn’t making sense! Now, however, things line up much better. As a bonus, she is able to show much more skin. That’s always a good thing. And talk about long legs! If you scaled an average woman to fit those legs, her head would be off the top of the picture.



You may notice some suspicious shading on the front of her dress, as though there’s something hidden underneath. It’s quite subtle and could just as easily be ordinary draping of the fabric. Between you and me, though, there’s a magic cock under there. Shhh. Don’t tell.

Random is a process, right?

I’ve also added a few snappy quotes from some of the good reviews of this novel. If the leggy futa doesn’t convince you, I’m hoping peer pressure might help. This is a good time to shout out to the great people who leave reviews. Thank you so much! You guys rock! The time you volunteer for writing reviews will help make sure there are weird-ass stories like this one for a long time to come.



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