Cover Art 2: The Fire Red Arrows

I did the cover for The Fire Red Arrows a while ago, but there were a few imperfections that I’ve always wanted to fix. This new cover is basically the same, just cleaned up a little more. I also left the colors a little brighter, so it’s more vibrant.

The image is made from three different images superimposed. First, and most obvious, are the two cherubs from Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. These famous little angels have been used for everything from wall posters to toilet paper, so I don’t feel too bad putting them on the cover of an erotic short story.

I’ve also given them something interesting to look at for once. I grabbed an image of a girl in a short skirt, adjusted the color to more closely match the oil painting, and applied a “canvas” texture. Then there is a cloud with majestic rays of sunlight peeking out. That was also color corrected and textured.

Check out the story on Amazon if you get a chance!

the fire red arrows


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