Facebook Sucks: An Opinion

It seems like every week there’s a new story going around about how Facebook has screwed over somebody else. From deleting accounts of trans people using their chosen names to deleting accounts of breastfeeding mothers to deleting accounts of people for no apparent reason at all.

But we suck it up and soldier on because Facebook helps us connect with our fans. Right? Well, not really. It turns out that maybe 3% of users who’ve liked your page actually ever see your posts. That means that 97 to 98 out of every 100 users that you’ve worked so hard to get on your page aren’t going to see diddly squat from you. It hasn’t always been this way — back in February 2012 this number was as high as 16%. But Facebook went public that year and had to keep Wall Street happy.

Facebook, you see, makes their money selling advertising. They have an algorithm that decides what to show on your fans’ timelines. More and more it’s deciding not to show your stuff. Facebook says it’s picking out the things that matter most to users. That may be true to some extent, but it’s also picking out the things that matter most to Facebook. By limiting the organic reach of your page posts, they push you into buying more ads.

I’ve heard Facebook ads can be fabulously effective, so maybe that’s not so bad. Except my books feature people who have sex. Women on the book covers sometimes have breasts. In short, my books are too naughty for Facebook.

That’s right. Facebook will happily sell ads to Russian agents trying to undermine American democracy, but boobies are dangerous.

Facebook sucks.


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