Excerpt: Girls Can Shoot, Too

Here is an excerpt from my book, Swapship Troopers. Here, Quantrill and Hardaway are on the run from an army of giant Bug-like Formids. Quantrill discovers that Hardaway is willing to sacrifice himself to save her. Hardaway discovers that girls can shoot, too.

“We have to get to the top of that rock!” Hardaway yelled. He pointed to a tall, stone formation up ahead with a flat top and steep sides. Quantrill didn’t know how they would ever make it. If Formids have the advantage at running, they have double the advantage at climbing. A Bug could climb straight up a sheer cliff without breaking a sweat. She didn’t know about Lieutenant Hardaway, but Quantrill knew for sure she couldn’t compete with that. Even so, it was not the time to start questioning orders.

“Yes, sir!” she yelled. Just because she didn’t know Lieutenant Hardaway’s plan, didn’t mean he didn’t have one. She ran up the incline at full speed, leaping from one jagged, pointy rock to another. Quantrill knew she could trip and fall running that fast over such unpredictable terrain, but if she went any slower she would definitely be overtaken by the Bugs. It was an all or nothing situation.

She barely made it as it was. As she scrambled up the last three meters – an almost vertical wall of rock – a huge bug charged her from the left side. She was hanging onto the rock by her fingertips. She would have to let go to unsling her rifle. That would have meant falling – and probably tumbling down the steep sides of the rock and into the mass of attacking Formids.

Instead, just as the Bug stepped toward her, a snarling blast from Hardaway’s SAW blew its abdomen to pieces. The Bug dropped and Quantrill pulled herself up onto the top of the rock. Her old upper-body strength would have been really handy right then. She didn’t have time to worry about that, however, because the Bugs were still coming.

She shouldered her rifle and leapt to her feet. From her point on the high ground, she could fire down onto the Formids trying to climb up the cliff and send them reeling. Hardaway had picked an excellent spot to put up a strong defense. But where was he?

She whirled around and saw the Lieutenant still at the foot of the rock formation. Bugs were coming at him from all directions, but he fended them off with ferocious salvos from the machine gun. When a Bug would break away and climb the rock face toward Quantrill, Hardaway would turn away from his own attackers to blast the Bug off the cliff.

“Run for it!” Hardway yelled, but made no move to run himself.

He was protecting her, Quantrill realized. He was sacrificing himself to save her. “The fuck you are,” she growled in her sweet, little voice.

Quantrill ran to the edge of the rocky outcropping. It was possible to bring down a Bug with one 5-round burst, but you had to be exactly on target. It was the kind of shot Quantrill could make about one time out of four. To save Hardaway she would have to make that shot every time, without fail. It was a long shot, but it was the only way. She slammed a fresh magazine into her AR316 and fired into the crowd of Bugs between her and Lieutenant Hardaway.

She didn’t wait to see if her shots connected – she barely even took time to aim. She just fired burst after burst into the heads of the attackers as fast as she could pull the trigger. They were trying to destroy the thing she loved most in the world, and they had to die.

She emptied the entire magazine and grabbed another. When she looked down at the battle she had killed dozens of Bugs. The pathway was clear for Hardaway to make a run for the rock. “You get up here, you son of a bitch!” she screamed.

Hardaway was stunned – but only for a moment. When he saw the dead, motionless carcasses of the Formids that had been blocking his retreat he wasted no time. The Lieutenant sprinted up the side of the cliff and vaulted onto the flat top. “That was some damn nice shooting,” he panted.

“Nothing to it,” Quantrill said with a wink. Then she brought the barrel of her AR316 up to her mouth and blew away the thin trail of smoke rising up from the overheated rifle.

The two Marines sprinted across the top of the tall rock formation. The top side was flat and smooth and made for easy running. They were able to outpace the Formids trying to climb up after them. Unfortunately, some Bugs ran through the valley to the side and cut them off. Quantrill and Hardaway continued forward, firing as they ran. They were able to knock many Bugs over the cliff, but more always took their place.

“Shit!” Hardaway swore. “I’m out of ammo.”

“I’ve got plenty,” Quantrill replied. Her AR316 ammunition wouldn’t work in the SAW, but she could give the rifle to Hardaway and he could defend them with it. She handed the weapon over to him. “Here. Take it.”

Hardaway reached for the rifle, but then stopped and drew his hand away. “No,” he said. “You’re a better shot than I am. You keep it.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed. There wasn’t time for argument. She shouldered the rifle once more and blew away a Formid coming at them up the side of the cliff. She moved in a circle, firing at the Bugs coming at them from all sides. She was able to keep them away – but for how long? Her own ammo wouldn’t last forever. “We’re not going to get out of here, are we,” she said in between bursts of automatic rifle fire.

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Excerpt: Quantrill Explores [NSFW]

Here’s an excerpt from my new novel, Swapship Troopers. Watch out! It gets a little sexy! In this scene, half of Private Arlon Quantrill’s Marine platoon has been given a drug to turn them into women. The other half of the platoon is currently taking advantage of that fact. Quantrill, has been given the drug, but his Lieutenant assigns him to guard duty…

He also heard a lot of noises coming from the PECS below.There was moaning, heavy breathing, and excited cries in male and female voices. Quantrill wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved or disappointed to be missing out. From the sound of it, the platoon was definitely having fun. A lot of fun. The kind of fun that Quantrill hadn’t had in a long, long time.

On the other hand, he wasn’t too crazy about the idea of having sex with a man. It seemed a little gross, frankly. His platoon mates were all good Marines and fine individuals, but he had no interest in getting to know them that way. Besides, he wasn’t at all sure how to act as a woman. He would probably just make a fool of himself trying.

He should be relieved, Quantrill decided. That was not the kindof memory he wanted to look back on in his old age  assuming hemade it to old age. As his patrol dragged on, however, he started tohave second thoughts. The ecstatic moaning coming from camp was hard to ignore. It was like a chorus of sex sounds  one tent would take a break and then another would start up again.His body didn’t share his squeamishness about man-sex either. 

Parts of his anatomy that had never been there before were warming up in a hurry. As he walked along his patrol, the place between his legs became increasingly hot and moist. Feeling the response of his new female body only made the situation more arousing. Soon his nipples were standing out firm and erect, rubbing against the fabric of his tightly stretched t-shirt as his body swayed and jiggled with every step.

Maybe he was disappointed after all. Exploring a female body had always been delightful. Exploring a female body from the inside might be even better. Either way it didn’t matter, of course. It was too late. All the troopers had paired off and he was left with nothing to do but pace the perimeter of the camp with soggy boxers.

On the other hand, those female body parts were right there not even an arm’s reach away. He hadn’t been this close to a pussy in more than a year. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity. Quantrill turned his back to the camp and slowly slid his free hand down the front of his fatigue pants.

He knew what to expect down there  Quantrill wasn’t stupid –but it was still a shock when he found his penis completely gone. Hehad gotten used to it being there over the years. Even so, his shock lasted only a moment, because his fingers soon found something else. Thick, puffy outer labia  soft, squishy, and hot with increased circulation. They felt delightful under his probing fingers. Even more, it felt exquisite to run his fingertips over the sensitive skin.

With an eager grin, he slipped a finger in between the engorged lips and plunged into hot wetness. His inner lips parted like the petalsof a delicate flower, sending waves of heat and pleasure through his body. Quantrill wasn’t ready for the intensity of the sensations – his knees felt weak and his heart raced.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned in his new soft, high-pitched voice. The night had been full of moans and cries of pleasure, but his own involuntary squeal sounded much louder to his ears. The sound jerked Quantrill out of his reverie. What was he doing? He was on duty! He had a responsibility to his platoon and to Lieutenant Hardaway to keep watch. He couldn’t let them down by finger banging himself while on patrol!

Quantrill yanked his hand out of his pants and turned to march along the perimeter. He stood up straight and scanned the surrounding area. From the outside he looked like a perfect Marine at least he would have if not for the enormous breasts and full hips. Inside, however, he was quivering with excitement. His heart rate was off the chart. Quantrill was glad he wasn’t hooked up to the vital monitoring in his armor. One look at his heart rate and adrenaline levels would have made it clear what he was up to.

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Excerpt: Ray Gives it a Try [NSFW]

This is a short excerpt from  my story The Right Gift at the Wrong Door. This piece contains explicit sexual content. Lucky you! As the scene opens, Ray’s wife has been hounding him to try pegging. Ray is reluctant, but one night when he’s home alone he decides to give the dildo a try…

Again lying on his stomach, Ray reached behind and slid the tip of the dildo down his crack. Slick with lube, the point of the cock easily slipped into him. Nonetheless, it got thicker in a hurry and, although Ray was moving much more slowly this time, he soon felt too much pain to continue.

He set the dildo aside and noticed that his hand was covered in the slippery lubricant. Why not start small, he thought. With index finger extended, he reached back again and slid the slippery digit down his ass crack. When his fingertip reached the soft, sensitive flesh of his sphincter he pushed it inside. It entered easily, but he could feel the tight muscles grip his finger all around. Could he open wider?

His middle finger was also coated with lubricant, so he pushed that inside as well. There was a disagreeable strain as his asshole stretched to accommodate the additional finger, but he took several deep breaths and held his hand steady. Ray closed his eyes and focused on relaxing his tense muscles.

He felt utterly daring! His whole life he had been the same quiet, dull Ray Boden. He didn’t know what he was now – naked on the sofa with two fingers up his ass – but it was not dull. Even better, the pain had eased and he was fitting two fingers easily. Maybe the purple monster was going to fit after all!

With a slurp, he pulled out of himself and grabbed the dildo. Ray slowly worked the big shaft into his crevice. He paused with just the tip splitting his asshole and forced his tense muscles to relax. “Easy does it,” he panted.

When he felt some of the tension release he gently eased the dildo forward. He felt a twinge of pain as the thickest part of the big cock head stretched his sphincter, but with a small lurch the head was inside and the pain was gone. He felt a tremendous fullness that was uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful.

Mostly he felt a sense of accomplishment. He hadn’t really believed it was possible, but that oversized purple dick was actually inside his asshole! It wasn’t something he was going to post to Facebook, but it was a small personal victory all the same.

He gently applied more pressure and the dildo easily slipped deeper. Three, then four inches disappeared into his ass. He met almost no resistance as he slowly pulled it back out, until the fat head started to apply pressure to his tight sphincter. It seemed like it was going to hurt more coming out than it did going in. Might as well leave it in there, he decided and rocked his hips to accept the cock deeper into him.

Ray felt a thrill of pleasure as his own cock, which was pinned underneath of him, rubbed against the soft fabric of the sofa. He rocked his hips back and forth to grind his sensitive erection into the cushions. At the same time, his asshole slid up and down on the thick rod in his hand. His breath became ragged and he knew he was going to cum soon.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door! Shit! Ray yanked the dildo out of his ass and tried to stand up. Ouch! It did hurt more coming out! He didn’t have much time to brood over the pain, however, because his feet tangled in the Dockers around his ankles and he fell sprawling to the floor.

Swearing under his breath, Ray pulled up his pants and scrambled to his feet. He found the dropped dildo and sprinted to the kitchen. There he crawled under the table to grab the Bargain Jungle box, threw the sex toy box and the purple penis inside, and looked around frantically for somewhere to stash them. Finally he settled on the oven and shoved the box inside and closed the door with a slam.

He hurried to the front door and threw it open, too late realizing that the bottle of Slick Bitch Anal Lube was still sitting on the coffee table in his living room. Dammit! He’d just have to hope the visitor didn’t notice.

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Excerpt: Amanda Opens Up to Her Brother [NSFW]

The following is an excerpt from my story Amanda Baker Shakes Her Moneymaker. This piece contains explicit sexual content. Be warned! As this scene opens, Amanda and her step-brother Bryce have just had sweaty, wild sex after Amanda danced naked at Bryce’s bachelor party. But they aren’t done yet…

“That was great,” he panted. “You are great.”

“Actually, I am very bad,” she purred and snuggled up next to Bryce’s broad, strong body.
She was bad! She had fucked her own step-brother on the night before his wedding. That was downright evil! But she didn’t regret it in the least. It was one of the most exciting things she had ever done.

Yet, she felt like something was missing. It was a feeling she often had after sex. She found herself wishing the sex could be a little rougher, a little more aggressive. She yearned for a smack on her ass or a yank on her hair – something sexy and just a little scary. She never mentioned this to any of her lovers, though. She had never been with anyone she trusted that much. What if they took things too far? What if they thought she was perverted and weird? None of those were responses Amanda was ready to deal with.

“You are a bad girl,” Bryce agreed, pulling Amanda out of her train of thought. “I wish I
had known that years ago.”

Amanda just smiled. It was news to her as well! The night had been full of surprises for her. She shaved her pubic hair. She wore sexy, kinky lingerie. She danced naked in a room full of strangers. She seduced a gorgeous, desirable man. None of those were things she could have imagined herself doing just the day before. More than that, she could never have imagined how much she thoroughly enjoyed doing them.

She had shown Bryce a side of herself that she hadn’t even acknowledged before. And he
wasn’t rejecting her, he wasn’t judging her. And why would he? They had stepped out of line together. She seduced her step-brother, but he had fucked his little sister. Maybe Bryce was the one who could give her the things she was afraid to ask for. What was there to be afraid of? He couldn’t possibly think she was more perverted than he already did – not after tonight.

“Maybe you should punish me,” she suggested softly.

“Are you kidding? I’m thrilled with…”

“No, I mean,” she interrupted. She rubbed her shapely thighs against him. “I mean, you
should punish me. Because I’ve been soooo bad.”

“Oh,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “What should we do with such a naughty girl?”

“I think I need to be spanked,” she breathed.

“Yes, you do,” he agreed. Bryce sat up quickly and slid to the end of the bed. “Come here,”
he commanded.

Amanda’s heart raced at his harsh tone. She felt a sharp, exhilarating stab of fear in the back of her mind, but also a sense of profound peace. Bryce would take care of her – she was in good hands. She crawled across the bed and lay over her step-brother’s lap.

“If it gets to be too much,” he whispered under his breath like a kid telling secrets in the
back of class, “just say ‘time out’ okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed. He gently caressed her bare ass. He squeezed her soft, yielding flesh
from her shapely thighs up to the dip of her narrow waist. She was starting to think he had changed his mind when suddenly the warm hand disappeared. He brought it back down onto the rounded part of her ass with a loud smack.

“Ooo,” she exclaimed in shock. He wasn’t playing with her! That really hurt! His palm
slapped against her round rump again. Her soft skin burned with the heat of his strikes. But she felt something else as well – a different heat down in her middle. She was getting turned on! Her kinky spanking fantasy was finally coming true and her body loved it.

“This is for,” he told her sternly then delivered another slap to her ass, “forgetting the stripper.” Slap. Slap. The pain was delicious. Bryce seemed to know just how hard to strike her –hard enough to get her attention, but not hard enough to really hurt. Had he done this before?

“I’m so sorry,” she insisted. Amanda tried to sound sincere – she truly did regret nearly
ruining the bachelor party. She couldn’t hide, however, how aroused she was becoming. Her voice was ragged and breathy, betraying the fact that her “punishment” was actually getting her off like crazy.

“And this,” Bryce continued. He delivered an open-handed smack to Amanda’s other cheek. “Is for teasing all those men with your hot, little body.”

“But they liked it,” she whined between strikes.

“That isn’t why you did it,” Bryce countered. Smack. Smack.

“I did it for you!” she insisted. “So you would have the … ouch! … have the party you

“That isn’t why either,” Bryce growled. He struck her again – harder this time. “Why did
you do it? Say it!”

“I did it because …” she began. She intended to say she did the dance for Bryce – to save his bachelor party – but stopped herself. She said that already. He did not like that answer. But why else would she dance naked for a bunch of strangers? Then she understood.

“I liked it,” she purred. “I liked turning on those men. I like being naughty.”

“I can see that,” Bryce chuckled.

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Excerpt: Paige Inquires

This is a short excerpt from my story Terminal Case. As this scene opens, Paige is finishing up a radiation treatment. She decides this is an opportunity to question her sister-in-law Margaret about the troubles she has seen between Margaret and her husband, Paige’s step-brother, Paul.


That afternoon when Paige stumbled out of her daily radiation treatment feeling like a reanimated corpse, the young nurse from the day before helped guide her out to the waiting room.

“The woman who isn’t your girlfriend has a surprise for you,” the nurse said with a sweet smile.

“Great,” Paige croaked. She was too exhausted to compose a witty retort. She hoped the sarcastic tone came through. In the waiting room, Margaret was proudly standing behind a chrome and black wheelchair.

“Oh, Paige you poor thing,” Margaret patted the seat. “Come along, dear, and we’ll get you home.”

“Fuck,” Paige mumbled. She fully intended to tell Margaret where to stick her wheelchair. Paige was not an invalid! She didn’t need to be wheeled around. She didn’t get a chance to say that, however, because the room seemed to be expanding and contracting like it was painted on the inside of a balloon with Paige trapped in the middle. Instead she collapsed into the waiting wheelchair and tried to tuck her pounding head under her arm. “Fuck,” she mumbled again.

Margaret wheeled Paige out of the clinic and into the street. Paige felt ridiculous being wheeled down the sidewalk, but she had to admit it was a lot easier than walking. Especially since she could close her eyes against the knives of sunlight stabbing into her aching head.

“Margaret,” Paige said reluctantly.

“Yes, dear?”

“Thanks for the chair.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” Margaret cooed. She smoothed a rebellious strand of Paige’s short hair and went on pushing the wheelchair. “It’s such a long walk for you, you know.”

“Why is Paul sleeping in the guest room?” Paige blurted. “He says it’s because of snoring, but I know that’s bullshit.”

“Oh! What? Oh, well … ummm … did he say that? It’s just that … you know … ummm.”

“Shit, Margaret,” Paige insisted with an exaggerated wheeze. She wasn’t above playing the Terminal Illness Card. “You can trust me.”

“Oh, I know, I know. It’s because, well,” Margaret leaned over the back of the wheelchair to whisper in Paige’s ear, “it’s because of sex.”

“Paul is having an affair?” Paige was incredulous. She didn’t think her brother could even spell extramarital.

“Oh, no. No,” Margaret shook her head. “Paul would never do that.”

“Well, what then?” Paige insisted. Margaret was clearly uncomfortable with the subject, which made Paige all the more interested.

“Paul has these episodes, you see,” Margaret said quietly. “Like sleepwalking. Except instead of walking, he … you know … does other things.”

“Sex?” Paige asked. “He has sex in his sleep? With you?”

“Yes,” Margaret admitted with a tortured sigh.

“Well, that’s not so bad,” Paige blurted.

“No, it’s terrible! He’s not himself. He’s just brutal and aggressive. Tearing off my clothes like an animal. Forcing himself on me.”

“Oh,” Paige nodded. That didn’t sound so bad either. Paige had often enjoyed a little rough sex from time to time. She’d participated in stuff a lot kinkier too. Not that she was going to tell Margaret that. The short, chubby woman might collapse right there in the street. “Doesn’t sound like the Paul I know.”

“No, not at all,” Margaret agreed. “He says he doesn’t remember anything the next day, but … oh, I just don’t know what to believe. He’s like a man possessed.”

Paige only nodded. For most people “a man possessed” was a figure of speech. Given Margaret’s superstitions, however, that might be her literal diagnosis. She needed a marriage counselor, but was probably looking in the Yellow Pages under “exorcist.”

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Excerpt: Dora Wishes to Be Pretty

Here is a short excerpt from Dora’s Box. In this scene, Dora is feeling insecure and unattractive because she was just ignored by her crush. At the same time her roommate, Julia, has admirers coming out of the woodwork. Dora decides to use her magic wishing box to level the playing field. In what turns out to be a trend in this story, the wish doesn’t turn out quite like she expects…

“Okay, okay,” she tried to collect herself. This wish could change everything. “I wish I could be pretty,” she told the box in a clear, steady voice.

The lid snapped shut. Dora smiled and set the box back on the nightstand. She walked to the mirror on the back of her door with knees feeling a bit unsteady. What would she look like? Would she be more beautiful than Julia? Would she even recognize herself? She took the last few steps with her eyes shut tight. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

And saw the same face she had seen her whole life. The same long, angular nose. The same narrow, thin lips. The same scraggly, brown hair. She hadn’t changed at all.

“Oh, damn,” she sighed. She leaned forward against the betraying mirror and pressed her forehead against the cool, smooth surface.

A quiet knock on her door made Dora jump back. “Dora? Can we talk?” a hesitant voice called out from the other side. She pulled open the door and saw Julia standing in the hall. Her roommate’s eyes were red and gleaming, as though she had been crying too.

“I’m so sorry,” Julia pleaded. “I shouldn’t have left you alone last night. I knew you were upset about that jerk Kyle.”

“It’s okay,” Dora replied softly. She let the door swing open and turned back to her bed. “You didn’t do anything. You’re just … gorgeous. And I’m just … blah. Of course all the boys want you and not me.”

“You’re not blah, sweetie.” Julia sat on the bed beside Dora and put a hand on the taller girl’s knee. “You have your own unique allure. Maybe he can’t see it but that’s his loss.”

“If you start talking about inner beauty I’m going to barf,” Dora grumbled.

“It’s true though,” Julia giggled. “I have an idea! Do you know what I do when I feel insecure about myself?”

“You? Feel insecure? In what galaxy do you ever feel insecure?”

“Everybody feels insecure sometimes, Dora. But it helps if I do something to feel good about myself.”

“I’m not going for a run,” Dora insisted immediately.

“No, silly! I’m talking about a makeover!” Julia exclaimed. “I get out all my makeup and just go to town. I mean like totally glammed-up stripper-style!”

“Oh, God,” Dora groaned. “I think I’d rather go run.”

“Come on!” Julia hopped up off the bed and pulled at Dora’s arm. “It’ll do you some good to feel pretty for a while.”

Dora rolled her eyes. She did wish to be pretty. That box had a pretty sick sense of humor. She suspected she would regret it, but allowed herself to be dragged along.

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Excerpt: Lily is Feeling Bold

Here’s a quick snippet from The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe. In this scene, Lily has been exploring a strange world on the other side of a magic doorway she discovered in her closet. She is a shy girl — insecure and awkward — but begins to gain some confidence when she notices the mysterious elf, Cumnus, is hot for her in a major way.


“I must offer an apology,” Cumnus said while fussing with a set of heavy, round shutters on one of the windows. “I did not anticipate receiving company. As it happens I am ill prepared to offer proper hospitality. I have been known to brew a palatable jasmine tea on occasion. Would you care for a cup?”

“That sounds lovely, thank you,” Lily said automatically. She didn’t have the least interest in drinking tea. She wanted to tell the tall, handsome elf to forget the pleasantries and just throw her on the floor and fuck her brains out. That was not, however, the sort of thing Lily was able to actually say. Not out loud. No, when she opened her mouth her well-trained manners took over. Her mother would be proud, Lily thought ruefully. She resigned herself to waiting while her gallant lover brewed tea.

“Excellent,” Cumnus said eagerly. He pushed open the shutters and dazzling sunlight filled the small cabin. “It will be but a trifling matter to ignite a small fire.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Lily exclaimed. They were finally high enough to look out over the
surrounding forest and the view was amazing! She could see for what seemed like hundreds of miles. All around the canopy of trees stretched out like an emerald green ocean. To the left was the jagged, snow capped mountain range that she had seen when she first came through the closet door.

To the right, past the edge of the forest she could see the glassy waters of a small lake. The puffy white clouds and clear blue sky reflected back from the still water like a mirror. A little village clung to the far bank, surrounding an immense castle with a dozen turrets and towers and spires. Past that were miles and miles of undulating hills ending in a glimmering blue streak onthe horizon that must have been a sea or an ocean.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It is a magnificent sight,” Cumnus agreed. “But not half as beautiful as you, lovely Lily”

“Aww,” Lily felt the blush rise to her cheeks and put a hand over her smile. “I’m … I’m not. Not really.”

“It is true, my dear!” Cumnus exclaimed. The elf took Lily’s hands in his own and gazed at
her intently. “I would write an epic poem extolling your beauty! Stand here but a moment that I might retrieve my lyre!” He dropped her hands and glided to the other side of the room where he opened a large and ancient looking chest and rummaged around inside.

“That is so sweet!” Lily cooed. No man had ever tried so hard to impress her! She wasn’sure she deserved such devotion, but it was a delicious feeling. It made her feel special. Desirable. Even Nigel, her smooth talking former lover, had never made her feel that way. He had manipulated her into desiring him  looking back the manipulation was obvious  but had never shown any particular desire for her.

Not at all like Cumnus! The elf was tall and devastatingly handsome, but still he treated Lily like she was the most alluring girl in the world. He thought she was beautiful! He was going to write a poem for her. Who does that? Nobody does that! All to impress one silly girl, who had been racking her brain trying to impress him. Maybe, Lily thought, she was more in control of this situation than she realized.

“That would be nice and all,” Lily said coyly. She was feeling a bit bolder. “But isn’t there something else you’d like to do?”

“Certainly,” Cumnus dropped a shiny golden harp back into the trunk and rushed to her side.“What do you desire? Just name it and it shall be done!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Lily licked her lips. Did that look sexy? She hoped so. Time to kick it up a notch! Better do it quick, before you chicken out, she told herself. With one shrug she slipped her shoulders out of her bathrobe and let it fall down to her waist. The soft, pink fabric dropped away and her breasts were fully exposed. Cumnus stared with eyes wide. Was he disgusted by her pale skin? Was he looking at her soft tummy? At her pudgy arms? Lily didnknow. But he definitely wasnt looking away.

She slipped her hands out of the sleeves and the robe dropped to the floor in a heap of pink fuzz. There she was, not wearing a thing besides her glasses, in a strange place with a strange man. She should have felt vulnerable, defenseless. Instead she felt great! She felt sexy and powerful. She was as turned on as she had ever been in her life. She felt wanton.

“Maybe you could think of something?” she suggested with a little smile.

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Excerpt: The Plot Stiffens

Here’s a short excerpt from my book Invasion of the Snatch Snatchers for your reading pleasure.

The next morning Ray heard a clattering sound at his window as he was stumbling out of bed. He shrugged it off and headed to the bathroom. Ray and his sister shared a bath. It had two doors – one leading to Maya’s room and the other to Ray’s. The door from Ray’s room was locked, however, which meant that Maya was using the bath.

The window clattered again and Ray, since he had nothing better to do, went to check it out. He looked outside just in time to see Austin toss a handful of gravel. The tiny stones pinged off his window with a dreadful racket. Ray threw open the sash and stuck his head out.

“What the fuck, man?” he yelled down. “Ring the goddamn doorbell!”

“Shhhh,” Austin admonished. “I need to talk to you.” Ray closed the window and pulled on a pair of torn jeans. Maya would be preening in front of the mirror all morning, so Ray had time to play along with this game. Besides, Austin wasn’t going to give up easily. He would just start tossing bits of the driveway at the window until Ray came downstairs.

“All right,” Ray said with a yawn as he padded across the driveway in bare feet. “This better be good.”

“First, tell me this,” Austin looked intensely at Ray. “Who was the first girl you ever hooked up with?”

“It was Mary Sue Leighton. Everybody knows that.” Austin narrowed his eyes at Ray.
Neither boy said anything for a moment. They just stood there looking at each other – Austin with an eyebrow cocked in exaggerated skepticism and Ray squinting against the morning sun.

Finally Ray tossed up his hands. “Oh, all right! I told everybody that I made it with Mary Sue, but she just let me touch her bra in exchange for copying my algebra homework. Happy?”

“Oh, thank God,” Austin pulled Ray into a tight hug. “You’re still you.”

“Have you been sniffing glue?” Ray twisted out of Austin’s grip. “What the hell is wrong
with you?”

“Dude,” Austin insisted sincerely. “We are in the middle of some serious shit. My mom is
not my mom.”

“What are you saying?” Ray took a few steps away from his friend and leaned against Maya’s sapphire blue Camaro. “You’re adopted?”

“No, no!” Austin waved off the suggestion. “I mean, the woman in my house is … is …an
imposter. She looks like my mom, sounds like my mom. But it isn’t her!”

“So,” Ray asked trying not to sound too sarcastic, “somebody kidnapped your mom and replaced her with a different person who looks exactly like her?”

“I know it sounds crazy,” Austin pleaded. “But she was being totally weird all night. Not acting like herself at all. It is definitely not my mom. I know it.”

“Maybe you should talk to somebody,” Ray suggested quietly. Somebody, he was thinking,
with lots of diplomas on the wall and access to mood altering drugs.

“No,” Austin exclaimed immediately. “The police might be a part of it. We don’t know! We
can’t trust anybody!”

“Oh, boy. Here we go.”

“My fake mom is taking the day off today.” That in itself was unusual. The woman was an insane workaholic in Ray’s opinion. Her law firm specialized in environmental law, which meant they had plenty of cases and didn’t win very often. She practically lived at work.

“I’m going to follow her and see what she does.”

“What? On your bike?”

“Well, I was going to…” Austin started to explain but he was interrupted by the front door slamming.

“Get the fuck away from my car, dweeb!” Ray jumped at the sound of his sister’s voice. She was striding across the driveway wearing wedge sandals, designer jeans, and big, round sunglasses that hid about half of her face. Similarly, about half of her breasts were hidden inside of a tight fitting blouse. The top three buttons were undone revealing the valley of her cleavage and the lacy edges of her black bra. The fourth button was straining mightily to hold the shirt together. She was looking at Ray like he was something foul and sticky that she had just stepped in. On the bright side, the bathroom was available.