Inspiration: Swapship Troopers

You probably already guessed that Swapship Troopers was inspired by Starship Troopers. However, despite being pretty consistently in the book-is-better-than-the-movie camp, I actually drew more from the 1997 Paul Verhoeven movie than the 1959 Robert Heinlein novel. Heinlein was a master of science fiction, but his ideology is hard for me to swallow at times. The novel glorifies violence, conformity, militarism, and xenophobia, and that’s just not cool. The film, on the other hand, ridicules all these things. In a way, the movie Starship Troopers is less an adaptation and more of a satire. So I guess that makes my book a parody of a satire of a novel.

You know you’re hot if you dress like a Nazi and still look hot.

Another major thing the movie has is Dizzy Flores (actually, Dizzy is in the novel, too, but she’s a guy — I guess I’m not the first to try gender swapping with this story). Dizzy has had a crush on the main character, Johnny Rico, since high school. She’s the girl the he is Meant To Be With but he isn’t because his head is to too far up Denise Richards’ shapely ass. Dizzy gets herself transferred to Johnny’s platoon to be near him. Eventually Rico notices she’s a babe and they become In Love.

In one particular scene, Johnny’s platoon throw themselves a party to celebrate winning a battle. Michael Ironside rolls out the beer and busts open a crate of musical instruments. The whole platoon proceeds to get down. Johnny, in particular, proceeds to get down on Dizzy.

That got me to thinking, doesn’t that seem a little unfair? I mean, if my buddy Johnny is back in his tent banging some auburn-haired beauty I might feel like I got the shit end of that deal no matter how cold the beer is. If Michael Ironside really wanted to give his soldiers the best, he would bring enough pussy for the whole class.

How could they do that, though? They can’t go around raping and pillaging the natives, because the natives are Giant Fucking Bugs. Maybe the infantry could set up their platoons to strategically have 1/2 women and 1/2 men. That would work, but it seems like a lot of equality and inclusiveness for an authoritarian government.

But what about gender swapping? Now that could be a story, I thought to myself. We’re already talking about space ships, aliens, and a futuristic fascist distopia. A mysterious wonder drug to turn men into women would fit right into that setting. Half the soldiers would become women and nobody has to sleep alone.

That creates all kinds of possibilities! What would happen if one of the men happened to turn into an incredible babe? What if one of the men enjoyed being a women? What if two soldiers developed feelings for each other?

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Inspiration: Amanda Baker Shakes Her Moneymaker

This story was inspired by the Patient Lee Radio Challenge. PL is a well-known author of Erotic Realism. That’s not a genre I work in very often (I can handle the erotic, it’s the reality that trips me up) but can be powerful when done well.

Anyway the idea is you turn on your radio and write a story inspired by the first song that plays. I think the origin of the challenge was Patient’s own story Gay Greenhorn (which if you haven’t read, you should) and how it was inspired by the song Midnight Train to Georgia. It’s the sort of exercise that shows off the creativity and ingenuity of a writer, so I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But then one night I got in my car and heard Shake Your Moneymaker by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band playing on the radio.

I told myself, “If you can’t write an erotic story inspired by a song about ass shaking you need to hang up your keyboard.”

The term moneymaker makes me think of strip clubs and men stuffing dollar bills in g-strings. Including an exotic dancer was an obvious choice, but I didn’t want to be too obvious. I mean, a story about a professional stripper shaking her booty — where’s the drama in that? It would be much more fun if someone unexpected got up on stage.

So I started to think of ways to guilt trip a straight-laced, shy woman into a nude dance (not that I’ve ever done that IRL). One thing about straight-laced women — they value personal responsibility. Strippers and bachelor parties go together like peanut butter and jelly (at least in erotic fiction), so I envisioned our heroine feeling responsible for the success of an important bachelor party event.

The party planner idea made a lot of sense here, but I also wanted the woman to be in a somewhat more vulnerable position — desperation is also a strong motivator. So I thought maybe she’s a not particularly successful party planner and got this job as a personal favor from the groom-to-be.

Then you have a personal relationship between the bachelor and the stripper. That creates many possibilities for additional naughtiness. Taboo can be super fun, am I right? I decided step-brother and sister made the most sense from an age standpoint and ran with that.

But even with the taboo I felt the story needed something. It was a little flat (not round and perky the way I like). I decided to play with this idea of breaking boundaries with someone you trust and went into a little spanking kink at the end. I like how that hits (pun intended) on the butt theme once again, too.

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Inspiration: Dora’s Box

Today I’m going to unbox the novel Dora’s Box. Spoiler alert! This article will give away some of the plot twists, so you might want to read the book first. Think about it. Now would be a good time.

The seed of Dora’s Box was planted by a strip from the brilliantly perverse web comic Oglaf. In this comic some guy is cursed to be the “best in the world at blowjobs.” He’s apparently a typical homophobic male who never sucked cock before. Now he’s suddenly the “very very beeeessssstttt” at it and is too embarrassed to tell his friends.

The idea of a person being granted sexual prowess that they don’t actually want was intriguing to me. It seemed like a great avenue to explore the importance of keeping an open mind about sexuality. What better way to expand a person’s horizons than to give them the gift of magical sex awesomeness? What they initially see as a curse gradually becomes a great gift.

Then I thought of one of my favorite conventions in erotica: the futanari. Futanari is a Japanese word for hermaphrodite, but it has come to mean a fictional character with overall feminine appearance and masculine sex organs (sometimes with female sex organs as well, sometimes not). There are lots of anime and manga and other erotica about futanari and it’s always pretty hot.

A reluctant futanari seemed like an awesome story idea. A young woman suddenly getting a penis would definitely feel like she had been cursed. It wasn’t hard to imagine ways to change her mind about that, too. She would slowly be introduced into a whole new world of sexuality and as a result become more comfortable and confident in her own skin.

How does she get this dick in the first place? In the comic, the fellatio supremis curse was selected by some creepy spirit. What I wanted, however, was a tragic hero who unknowingly sets in motion the wheels of her own downfall (but not really downfall as much as orgy). Basically I was looking for an irony beat-down, like the horror story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs.

Except instead of wishes coming true in the most awful way imaginable, I wanted wishes coming true in the sexiest way. I considered various wish making mechanisms (like a genie in a bottle or a primate appendage), but finally settled on a box that you whisper wishes into and then they come true. A box like that could be used accidentally. It also answers the question of “Why not just unwish the penis first thing?” by refusing to open for some refactory period after a wish. Even better, the word “box” is slang for vagina.

The wish box also suggested a title. Remember the myth of Pandora’s Box from the ancient Greeks? Talk about unexpected consequences! Pandora just wanted to see what was inside and wound up releasing all evil into the world. Bummer. Of course, I couldn’t name my main character Pandora — that would just be weird — so I shortened it to Dora.

It was shaping up as a real “Watch what you wish for” cautionary tale. I imagined a whole series of poorly worded wishes that would be interpreted in ways very different from what Dora intended. Far from being out to get her, however, the wishes would gradually move her into the arms of her true love — much to her own surprise.

Speaking of love, I originally intended to have Dora end up with a bisexual guy who enjoyed bottoming. As I wrote the early chapters, however, I felt more of a connection between Dora and her roommate Julia and decided to explore that further instead. That can happen in my writing. I start with a rough outline to give some idea where I’m going, but I’m always open to new destinations if I come to a promising fork in the road.*

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*that’s my lesson on writing** for the day

**it’s not a bad lesson on life either

Inspiration: Invasion of the Snatch Snatchers

In this article I will share the story of how I came up with the idea for Invasion of the Snatch Snatchers (as though you couldn’t guess).

I was watching some program with alien body snatchers, of course. You might think it was the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even the 1978 remake. It was some goofy kids’ cartoon. In this version the alien didn’t actually know that much about the person it was impersonating (or human beings in general) and naively accepted any suggestion for proper behavior at face value. For example, if someone told the alien to “go jump in a lake” it would, you know, find a small body of water and jump in. It was hilarious if you’re five years old.

I got to thinking the situation offered more possibilities than just broad physical comedy, particularly if the alien body snatched a hot girl. You would obviously dupe the hot girl alien into having sex. That’s a no-brainer. Then I thought, what if the alien enjoyed the sex? And then switched sides as a result? The image of this hot girl urgently whispering “don’t go near that place” in order to protect her lover flashed into my mind.

This was definitely a story idea.

What could I call it? At this point I went back to the origin* of the whole concept: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The film was so unique and original for its time that it has forever linked the term snatchers with body theft. For many of us, however, snatch is also well known as the second most vulgar nickname for female genitalia (behind cunt but ahead of twat). Combining both aspects of snatch into one title was so obvious I was surprised it hadn’t been done already.

Then I had second thoughts about the alien business. Even with the illicit sex it was a tired trope. I wanted to do something slightly more original. I remembered a news segment I had seen about cryogenic freezing. Some company would take your remains and freeze them solid until medical technology found a way to revive you. Baseball legend Ted Williams supposedly bought into the concept.

I, however, thought it sounded like just another scam to bilk money out of old people. Is this company really going to cover the expense of keeping a bunch of long-forgotten corpses at -320 degrees indefinitely? If they don’t, how are you going to ask for a refund? You’re dead. And if they do, who in 100 years is going to give two shits about reviving your dead ass? It just doesn’t make sense. In other words, it was perfect for my story.

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* actually the true origin would have to be the 1954 book, The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, but I hadn’t even heard of that until just now

Inspiration: The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe

This is a “Behind The Porn” story of how I came up with the idea for my novel The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe. Spoiler Alert! This article is going to give away many key plot points, so you should definitely go read the book first. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


I read CS Lewis as a kid, of course, but mostly forgot about it. Then in December 2005 the movie version of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” was in theaters and the marketing was everywhere. It’s such a distinctive phrase, and it flows so nicely for a long title.  I started to think how it would be fun to have a parody that replaced Witch with Bitch. Ha, ha. I said bitch. That is sooooo funny.

What about the rest of the title? The only thing I could come up with for Wardrobe was Bathrobe. I wasn’t sure how a bathrobe would figure in the story, but I knew bathrobe sounded right. Bathrobe is funny. Bathrobe is absurd. It’s so much the opposite of CS Lewis’ pretentious style. It was perfect.

Lesbian was harder to come up with. It’s not phonetically very similar to Lion, honestly. You have the L at the beginning and the N at the end, but the middle has no similarity whatsoever. So when I first thought of Lesbian I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Lesbian, however, lends itself to all sorts of plot ideas (I mean, seriously. It practically writes itself). So I decided to go with Lesbian

I had a title. I just needed a story to go under it.

That the story would include a magical doorway to another world was a no-brainer. An evil queen was also an obvious choice. I wanted the main character to be a young woman who is sex-starved in the real world but really gets it on in the magic world. It is erotic fiction, after all. Just like whats-her-name from the original novel meets Mr. Tumnus first thing on the other side, in our book we’d meet Mr. Cumnus. That’s a little tacky, I admit, but it’s so obvious I couldn’t resist. 

The evil queen would be anti-sex, in a satirical parallel to sexually repressed, social conservatives in our own world (note the elephants pulling her carriage). Her magic spell that would turn any two citizens who had sex into stone statues created a loophole that the main character would be able to take advantage of to get laid in a major way. She would be in the middle of a land where no one could have sex — except with her. Bada-boom! It was sort of a “last man on Earth” fantasy.

I worried about realism at this point. Not the magic spells — that was standard fantasy stuff. No, I was worried about the realism of a female character who was unable to get laid in the real world. I even considered changing her to a boy. After all, there are a lot more guys out there who are sex-starved than there are girls. Instead I decided to hit hard on how Lilly (later Lily) was shy and awkward and lacked self-confidence. Lily just had to be a girl. Because lesbian.

The evil queen had to be defeated, too. There was no more poignant way to do that than for her to be defeated by sex. Here I borrowed from “The Wizard of Oz” and decided she would melt away after experiencing an orgasm. It makes as much sense as being melted by a bucket of water, doesn’t it?

There I had the basics of a story. I worked on-and-off on it for more than a year. Finally, in November 2007 I posted the piece on It was the first erotica I ever wrote. A hand full of people read it. Some liked it, some didn’t.

I gave up on writing for a while and got busy with other things (like depression and self doubt). In 2013 I did what I should have done years before and got a divorce. Finally out from under that toxic relationship, I felt my creative spirit slowly come back to life. I started to think about writing again.

Ideas were coming left and right, but always in the back of my mind was that old story about the magic doorway. I felt like what I wrote never lived up to the potential of the idea, and I was eager to try again. Then in 2015 I had the story taken down on and did a thorough rewrite.

Some people complained how the sex scenes in the original were constantly interrupted before anything actually happened (call it performance anxiety for a first timer). In the update I made sure all the sex scenes were carried through to completion. You’re welcome.

The new version also included more depth in the characters. Lily was more wholesome and naive. Megan was more gritty and tough. The relationship between those two was given more time to develop, too. The theme of sexual repression from 2007 was focused on LGBT equality in 2015 (with Lily proclaiming “Love is never wrong or abnormal or evil!”).

All together, the updated version was about 3 times longer than the original. More importantly, it was more coherent, hotter, and presented the themes more effectively. Now The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe is not just my best title, it’s also my best story.