Swapship Troopers

troopersMilitary science fiction meets gender swapped steamy romance
Published January 19, 2017
75,000 words

During a brutal war against monstrous, spider-like aliens, the Space Marines try to improve morale with a top-secret, gene-splicing drug that temporarily turns men into women. Marines who take the drug provide feminine companionship to the Marines who don’t. Everyone is happier.

Most troopers just blow off steam, but two Marines connect in a way that will change them forever. A young Private gets in touch with his feminine side and finds the joy in submitting to a man. A battle-hardened Lieutenant finds redemption and learns that beauty can be more than skin deep. How far will this relationship go? Can these two Marines fight to stay together when they have to fight just to survive?

Contains explicit sex and graphic violence. Intended for mature readers only.

“It was a wonderful blend of action packed sci-fi battles, military operations, hot and steamy erotic scenes, humor, sass and a romance I never quite expected.”
Lilah E. Noir, Author of Unorthodox Therapy

“Swapship Troopers is a story filled with lots of giant bug killing and lots of sexy times. What more could you want?”
Bark’s Book Nonsense

“Swapship Troopers is a smart, erotic homage to the science fiction genre, and a gender-swap story that manages to be both exciting and erotic where it needs to be, moving seamlessly between action in the field and action in the bedroom.”
Sally Bend, Author of  Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand

“The scifi/military thriller part of this story is very well done, and with the added fun of the gender swapping erotic elements it becomes an absolute joy to read. There are thrills, laughs, and sexiness all enmeshed throughout this terrific story.”
Shaun Putaine, Author of Love Undiminished

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