A Pair of 5-Star Reviews for Swapship Troopers

Today I was quite pleased to find not just one, but two new reviews for Swapship Troopers.

Lilah E. Noir says

It was a wonderful blend of action packed sci-fi battles, military operations, hot and steamy erotic scenes, humor, sass and a romance I never quite expected.

and DesertGirl adds:

the action on the battlefield was as AMAZING as the action in the bedroom

These great reviews help make up for the fact that the first two reviews I got on Swapship seem to have disappeared.


Review: Social Science Fiction

There you have it, folks! Heinlein would have loved Swapship Troopers. No better endorsement than that.

The story follows what the original book intended and the movie totally missed. The characters and political situations fit the story line. Without giving anything away, RAH would have loved this as a side trip into the Bug War.

Check out the Review on Amazon.