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A New Kind of War
A New Kind of Service

During a brutal war against monstrous, spider-like aliens, the Space Marines try to improve morale with a top-secret, gene-splicing drug that temporarily turns men into women. Marines who take the drug provide feminine companionship to the Marines who don’t. Everyone is happier.

Most troopers just blow off steam, but two Marines connect in a way that will change them forever. A young Private gets in touch with his feminine side and finds the joy in submitting to a man. A battle-hardened Lieutenant finds redemption and learns that beauty can be more than skin deep. How far will this relationship go? Can these two Marines stay together when they have to fight just to survive?

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It was a wonderful blend of action packed sci-fi battles, military operations, hot and steamy erotic scenes, humor, sass and a romance I never quite expected.

-Lilah E. Noir, Author of Unorthodox Therapy

Swapship Troopers is a story filled with lots of giant bug killing and lots of sexy times. What more could you want?

Bark’s Book Nonsense

Swapship Troopers is a smart, erotic homage to the science fiction genre, and a gender-swap story that manages to be both exciting and erotic where it needs to be, moving seamlessly between action in the field and action in the bedroom.

-Sally Bend, Bending the Bookshelf


Excerpt: Girls Can Shoot, Too

Here is an excerpt from my book, Swapship Troopers. Here, Quantrill and Hardaway are on the run from an army of giant Bug-like Formids. Quantrill discovers that Hardaway is willing to sacrifice himself to save her. Hardaway discovers that girls can shoot, too.

“We have to get to the top of that rock!” Hardaway yelled. He pointed to a tall, stone formation up ahead with a flat top and steep sides. Quantrill didn’t know how they would ever make it. If Formids have the advantage at running, they have double the advantage at climbing. A Bug could climb straight up a sheer cliff without breaking a sweat. She didn’t know about Lieutenant Hardaway, but Quantrill knew for sure she couldn’t compete with that. Even so, it was not the time to start questioning orders.

“Yes, sir!” she yelled. Just because she didn’t know Lieutenant Hardaway’s plan, didn’t mean he didn’t have one. She ran up the incline at full speed, leaping from one jagged, pointy rock to another. Quantrill knew she could trip and fall running that fast over such unpredictable terrain, but if she went any slower she would definitely be overtaken by the Bugs. It was an all or nothing situation.

She barely made it as it was. As she scrambled up the last three meters – an almost vertical wall of rock – a huge bug charged her from the left side. She was hanging onto the rock by her fingertips. She would have to let go to unsling her rifle. That would have meant falling – and probably tumbling down the steep sides of the rock and into the mass of attacking Formids.

Instead, just as the Bug stepped toward her, a snarling blast from Hardaway’s SAW blew its abdomen to pieces. The Bug dropped and Quantrill pulled herself up onto the top of the rock. Her old upper-body strength would have been really handy right then. She didn’t have time to worry about that, however, because the Bugs were still coming.

She shouldered her rifle and leapt to her feet. From her point on the high ground, she could fire down onto the Formids trying to climb up the cliff and send them reeling. Hardaway had picked an excellent spot to put up a strong defense. But where was he?

She whirled around and saw the Lieutenant still at the foot of the rock formation. Bugs were coming at him from all directions, but he fended them off with ferocious salvos from the machine gun. When a Bug would break away and climb the rock face toward Quantrill, Hardaway would turn away from his own attackers to blast the Bug off the cliff.

“Run for it!” Hardway yelled, but made no move to run himself.

He was protecting her, Quantrill realized. He was sacrificing himself to save her. “The fuck you are,” she growled in her sweet, little voice.

Quantrill ran to the edge of the rocky outcropping. It was possible to bring down a Bug with one 5-round burst, but you had to be exactly on target. It was the kind of shot Quantrill could make about one time out of four. To save Hardaway she would have to make that shot every time, without fail. It was a long shot, but it was the only way. She slammed a fresh magazine into her AR316 and fired into the crowd of Bugs between her and Lieutenant Hardaway.

She didn’t wait to see if her shots connected – she barely even took time to aim. She just fired burst after burst into the heads of the attackers as fast as she could pull the trigger. They were trying to destroy the thing she loved most in the world, and they had to die.

She emptied the entire magazine and grabbed another. When she looked down at the battle she had killed dozens of Bugs. The pathway was clear for Hardaway to make a run for the rock. “You get up here, you son of a bitch!” she screamed.

Hardaway was stunned – but only for a moment. When he saw the dead, motionless carcasses of the Formids that had been blocking his retreat he wasted no time. The Lieutenant sprinted up the side of the cliff and vaulted onto the flat top. “That was some damn nice shooting,” he panted.

“Nothing to it,” Quantrill said with a wink. Then she brought the barrel of her AR316 up to her mouth and blew away the thin trail of smoke rising up from the overheated rifle.

The two Marines sprinted across the top of the tall rock formation. The top side was flat and smooth and made for easy running. They were able to outpace the Formids trying to climb up after them. Unfortunately, some Bugs ran through the valley to the side and cut them off. Quantrill and Hardaway continued forward, firing as they ran. They were able to knock many Bugs over the cliff, but more always took their place.

“Shit!” Hardaway swore. “I’m out of ammo.”

“I’ve got plenty,” Quantrill replied. Her AR316 ammunition wouldn’t work in the SAW, but she could give the rifle to Hardaway and he could defend them with it. She handed the weapon over to him. “Here. Take it.”

Hardaway reached for the rifle, but then stopped and drew his hand away. “No,” he said. “You’re a better shot than I am. You keep it.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed. There wasn’t time for argument. She shouldered the rifle once more and blew away a Formid coming at them up the side of the cliff. She moved in a circle, firing at the Bugs coming at them from all sides. She was able to keep them away – but for how long? Her own ammo wouldn’t last forever. “We’re not going to get out of here, are we,” she said in between bursts of automatic rifle fire.

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A Pair of 5-Star Reviews for Swapship Troopers

Today I was quite pleased to find not just one, but two new reviews for Swapship Troopers.

Lilah E. Noir says

It was a wonderful blend of action packed sci-fi battles, military operations, hot and steamy erotic scenes, humor, sass and a romance I never quite expected.

and DesertGirl adds:

the action on the battlefield was as AMAZING as the action in the bedroom

These great reviews help make up for the fact that the first two reviews I got on Swapship seem to have disappeared.

Review: Social Science Fiction

There you have it, folks! Heinlein would have loved Swapship Troopers. No better endorsement than that.

The story follows what the original book intended and the movie totally missed. The characters and political situations fit the story line. Without giving anything away, RAH would have loved this as a side trip into the Bug War.

Check out the Review on Amazon.


Publicity Image: Swapship Troopers

I’ve been tinkering around in my graphics program again, and I’ve come up with this marketing image for Swapship Troopers. It’s basically the book cover and a bunch of quotes from reviews, so it didn’t take long to make (unless you count the time spent harassing reviewers).

One thing I did differently was to use a 2:1 aspect ratio. That’s supposed to look best on twitter. We’ll see how it turns out.

Inspiration: Swapship Troopers

You probably already guessed that Swapship Troopers was inspired by Starship Troopers. However, despite being pretty consistently in the book-is-better-than-the-movie camp, I actually drew more from the 1997 Paul Verhoeven movie than the 1959 Robert Heinlein novel. Heinlein was a master of science fiction, but his ideology is hard for me to swallow at times. The novel glorifies violence, conformity, militarism, and xenophobia, and that’s just not cool. The film, on the other hand, ridicules all these things. In a way, the movie Starship Troopers is less an adaptation and more of a satire. So I guess that makes my book a parody of a satire of a novel.

You know you’re hot if you dress like a Nazi and still look hot.

Another major thing the movie has is Dizzy Flores (actually, Dizzy is in the novel, too, but she’s a guy — I guess I’m not the first to try gender swapping with this story). Dizzy has had a crush on the main character, Johnny Rico, since high school. She’s the girl the he is Meant To Be With but he isn’t because his head is to too far up Denise Richards’ shapely ass. Dizzy gets herself transferred to Johnny’s platoon to be near him. Eventually Rico notices she’s a babe and they become In Love.

In one particular scene, Johnny’s platoon throw themselves a party to celebrate winning a battle. Michael Ironside rolls out the beer and busts open a crate of musical instruments. The whole platoon proceeds to get down. Johnny, in particular, proceeds to get down on Dizzy.

That got me to thinking, doesn’t that seem a little unfair? I mean, if my buddy Johnny is back in his tent banging some auburn-haired beauty I might feel like I got the shit end of that deal no matter how cold the beer is. If Michael Ironside really wanted to give his soldiers the best, he would bring enough pussy for the whole class.

How could they do that, though? They can’t go around raping and pillaging the natives, because the natives are Giant Fucking Bugs. Maybe the infantry could set up their platoons to strategically have 1/2 women and 1/2 men. That would work, but it seems like a lot of equality and inclusiveness for an authoritarian government.

But what about gender swapping? Now that could be a story, I thought to myself. We’re already talking about space ships, aliens, and a futuristic fascist distopia. A mysterious wonder drug to turn men into women would fit right into that setting. Half the soldiers would become women and nobody has to sleep alone.

That creates all kinds of possibilities! What would happen if one of the men happened to turn into an incredible babe? What if one of the men enjoyed being a women? What if two soldiers developed feelings for each other?

Find out at! Available in Kindle and paperback. Released for download on January 19th!

Cover Art 2: Swapship Troopers

Yep, Swapship Troopers isn’t even released yet and I’ve already redone the book cover! Actually this is something I planned for when I originally designed the cover — I just didn’t plan on doing it so soon. I always expected Amazon would flag this cover for ADULT content someday. After all, it displayed *gasp* the inner curve of a woman’s breasts!

Maybe I was just being unrealistic when I submitted the original cover. Amazon’s content guideline literally defines offensive content as “about what you would expect.” Personally, I would expect a reasonable person to be able to look at a human body and not get offended. Obviously when Amazon says what you would expect, they’re not talking to me.

Nope, no boobs here. Move it along. Nothing to see.

At any rate, when I first made the drawing in inkscape I drew a t-shirt on a separate layer. When I was banned, I just turned that layer on and, viola, new book cover. The shirt is interesting in that it uses an actual swath of grey cotton heather as the pattern. I considered a logo for the shirt — like a Marine eagle-globe-anchor or something — but, lets face it, anything on the front of that shirt is going to be so distorted as to be unrecognizable.

Swapship Troopers is still releasing on January 19 for Amazon Kindle!



Excerpt: Quantrill Explores [NSFW]

Here’s an excerpt from my new novel, Swapship Troopers. Watch out! It gets a little sexy! In this scene, half of Private Arlon Quantrill’s Marine platoon has been given a drug to turn them into women. The other half of the platoon is currently taking advantage of that fact. Quantrill, has been given the drug, but his Lieutenant assigns him to guard duty…

He also heard a lot of noises coming from the PECS below.There was moaning, heavy breathing, and excited cries in male and female voices. Quantrill wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved or disappointed to be missing out. From the sound of it, the platoon was definitely having fun. A lot of fun. The kind of fun that Quantrill hadn’t had in a long, long time.

On the other hand, he wasn’t too crazy about the idea of having sex with a man. It seemed a little gross, frankly. His platoon mates were all good Marines and fine individuals, but he had no interest in getting to know them that way. Besides, he wasn’t at all sure how to act as a woman. He would probably just make a fool of himself trying.

He should be relieved, Quantrill decided. That was not the kindof memory he wanted to look back on in his old age  assuming hemade it to old age. As his patrol dragged on, however, he started tohave second thoughts. The ecstatic moaning coming from camp was hard to ignore. It was like a chorus of sex sounds  one tent would take a break and then another would start up again.His body didn’t share his squeamishness about man-sex either. 

Parts of his anatomy that had never been there before were warming up in a hurry. As he walked along his patrol, the place between his legs became increasingly hot and moist. Feeling the response of his new female body only made the situation more arousing. Soon his nipples were standing out firm and erect, rubbing against the fabric of his tightly stretched t-shirt as his body swayed and jiggled with every step.

Maybe he was disappointed after all. Exploring a female body had always been delightful. Exploring a female body from the inside might be even better. Either way it didn’t matter, of course. It was too late. All the troopers had paired off and he was left with nothing to do but pace the perimeter of the camp with soggy boxers.

On the other hand, those female body parts were right there not even an arm’s reach away. He hadn’t been this close to a pussy in more than a year. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity. Quantrill turned his back to the camp and slowly slid his free hand down the front of his fatigue pants.

He knew what to expect down there  Quantrill wasn’t stupid –but it was still a shock when he found his penis completely gone. Hehad gotten used to it being there over the years. Even so, his shock lasted only a moment, because his fingers soon found something else. Thick, puffy outer labia  soft, squishy, and hot with increased circulation. They felt delightful under his probing fingers. Even more, it felt exquisite to run his fingertips over the sensitive skin.

With an eager grin, he slipped a finger in between the engorged lips and plunged into hot wetness. His inner lips parted like the petalsof a delicate flower, sending waves of heat and pleasure through his body. Quantrill wasn’t ready for the intensity of the sensations – his knees felt weak and his heart raced.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned in his new soft, high-pitched voice. The night had been full of moans and cries of pleasure, but his own involuntary squeal sounded much louder to his ears. The sound jerked Quantrill out of his reverie. What was he doing? He was on duty! He had a responsibility to his platoon and to Lieutenant Hardaway to keep watch. He couldn’t let them down by finger banging himself while on patrol!

Quantrill yanked his hand out of his pants and turned to march along the perimeter. He stood up straight and scanned the surrounding area. From the outside he looked like a perfect Marine at least he would have if not for the enormous breasts and full hips. Inside, however, he was quivering with excitement. His heart rate was off the chart. Quantrill was glad he wasn’t hooked up to the vital monitoring in his armor. One look at his heart rate and adrenaline levels would have made it clear what he was up to.

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